Wings of the Wind

By May Howlett

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Flute and piano in 3 movements
The flute is an instrument that lends itself to many moods. These short pieces aim to capture several of these, from light and bouncy to sustained and sexy. 
1. Thermals, c.3'0
2. Mistral, c.2'40
3. Ah! Sirocco, 4'0
Recorded on the CDs Flute Odyssey (Wirr 016) and "Celebrating May" (Wirr 058) by Emma Knott and David Miller available online

Download samples

1. Thermals - sheet music 

1. Thermals - audio sample

2. Mistral - sheet music 

2. Mistral - audio sample

3. Ah! Sirocco - sheet music

3. Ah! Sirocco - audio sample 


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