Westminster Service

By Brett M Mckern

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Double Choir SATBSATB and organ, c.13'0
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Wet Night on the Highway

By Miriam Hyde

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Solo piano, c.4'30.  Grade: AMus+
Composed 1950's

Recorded and performed by the composer on: Reflected Reeds (Wirr 092), Piano Imagery (Wirr 084) - available online

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 ISMN 9790720115870

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Whale's Song, The

By Diana Blom

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Cello and piano, c.9'00.  Grade 8
The humpback whale is, in many ways, the spirit of the ocean. Through four sections - Chant, Dance, Lament and Chant, The Whale's Song traces the migratory pattern of the humpback whale as it moves in the Pacific Ocean, through musics of New Zealand, Ecuador, Hawaii, Japan and Papua and New Guinea.  "Chant" draws on rhythms of a Maori chant about the sea, and on its return, is joined by the rhythms of a traditional Japanese chant about the sea with amplified cello evoking sounds of the humpback whale. 

Recorded by Deborah Coogan (vc/reverb) and the composer on the CD, Music of the Spirit (Wirr 011) available online

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What Shall I Render to the Lord?

By Nigel Butterley

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SATB From Psalm 116 , c.2'40

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What's it all about?

By Paul Paviour

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Sonata for keyboard in three movements.  Grade 7/8

  • Inquisitive prelude
  • Inner thoughts and indecisions
  • A feritous fatuous finale

    Composed 2021

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     ISMN 9790720231891

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    When eyes first saw, thy beauty was as this ...

    By Phillip Wilcher

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    Piano solo, c.5'50.  Advanced grade
    Composed 2020

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      When Leaves Cascade, Op. 12

      By Victor Morrison

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      Flute, Bb clarinet, violin and cello,  c.4'40
      Composed 2007

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       ISMN 9790720146959

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      When Our Wattle-Tree Blooms (Hyde)

      By Miriam Hyde

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      Medium to High voice and piano, c.2'10
      Words by Miriam Hyde. 

      Composed 1956

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       ISMN 97907201115955

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      When the Winter Rains

      By Linda Dalgliesh

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      For woodwind quartet - bassoon, clarinet flute, oboe , c.3'25

      This fantasy piece was inspired by changes in the environment during a single week in the south-west of Western Australia. In this region, winter is typified by alternating warm sunshine and cool cloudy days. It's a season for fog, frosts, sudden squally thunderstorms, hail, and persistent light rain; a welcome change from the dry summer heat. Vegetation grows lush and thick, frogs emerge, and waterways and wetlands fill and overflow. 
      Composed 2016

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      ISMN 9790720172262
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      When the World Was Green

      By Ann Carr-boyd

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      Piano solo in three movements.  c.9'00.  Suggested grade 5

      Composed 1998
      Also see an album of nine similar pieces From Rags to Blues

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      Where the Cudgegong Flows

      By Ann Carr-boyd

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      Piano solo, c.3'20, Grade 6/7

      The opening of the piece is nostalgic in mood, followed by a more lively, flowing section reminiscent of the river flowing through the countryside. 
      Composed 2020

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      Where the Milky Way Lights Christmas

      By May Howlett

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      Medium voice and piano, c.2'00. For young singers

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