Willow Willow

By John Martin

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Voice and piano, c.4'00
Traditional  Arranged 2018

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ISMN 9790720214337
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Willy Wombat

By Steven Stanke

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Narrator and small orchestra or piano, c.16'45
Story by Lester Morris

Willy Wombat introduces his friends Katie Kangaroo, Eric Echidna, Bertie Bilby and the rabbits, who are always ‘dropping in’. But keep an eye out for for Geoffrey Goanna, who loves to eat owl eggs!

This charming, very Australian story is scored for narrator and small orchestra or piano and, in the story telling tradition of Peter and the Wolf, will captivate young audiences through vividly created characters and a gentle storyline.

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Wind Chimes

By Phillip Wilcher

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Solo piano, c.5'00.  AMEB Manual List, List B (first listing), List D, Level 3, Licentiate and ANZCA.
Composed 1995

Recorded by Jeanell Carringan on Wind Chimes Wirr049 available online

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ISMN 9790720093215
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Wind Chimes - CD

By Phillip Wilcher

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Wind in the Sedges, The (Hammond-Spencer)

By Miriam Hyde

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Med to high voice and piano, c.1'30. AMEB Manual List D, Level 2 Cert of Performance.
Words by Hilda Hammond-Spencer. 

Composed 1937.

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 ISMN M720065328

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Wind Quartet Number 2

By Larry Sitsky

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Flute, oboe, clarinet in A and bassoon.
Composed 2013

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ISMN 9790720164281
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Wind Quintet

By Hugh Dixon

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Flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon, c.11'00
Written in a quasi-serial-style with a fugato ending, the players are given plenty to do!  Composed 2012

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ISMN 9790720146157
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Wind Quintet

By Carolyn Morris

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Flute, oboe, clarinet, horn and bassoon, c.7'00.  

Suitable for advanced players. The four movements of this wind quintet include a lively opening Allegro con brio, followed by a syncopated and light-hearted Bossa Nova, an expressive and serene Pastorale and a vibrant and energetic Vivace finale.Composed in 2010

Audio performed by: Claire Nicholson flute, Carolyn Morris oboe, Rina D'Cruz clarinet, Tom Campbell horn, Linda Pearson bassoon.

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ISMN 97907201063

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Wind Quintet No 2

By Tony Wheeler

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Flute, clarinet, oboe, horn, bassoon, c.4'10 

This piece is in two sections, Prelude and Dance. The form is through-composed, most of the melodic writing is modal, and much of the harmonic material is a result of the lateral movement of the individual parts. Though it is written primarily for players at intermediate level, it will nevertheless be rewarding for players of more advanced ability.
Composed 2017.

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ISMN 9790720172934
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Wind Quintet No.4 - Seafarer Suite

By Thomas McConochie

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Woodwind Quintet, c.10'00.  Grade 7

Composed as three movements in a post-modern/neo-classical style that integrates elements of sea shanty music.

  • Meeting the Ocean (Moderato)
  • The Sailor’s Lament (Andante)
  • Triumphant Sea Shanty (Andante — Vivace)

Composed 2023

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    Wind Stirs Gently, The (fl/pn)

    By Nigel Butterley

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    Flute and piano, c.4'30, Grade 8

    Available on CD From a Bridge of Dreams (Wirr 005) performed by Emma Knott (flute) and David Miller (piano); also within an album of sheet music by the same title with 22 flute works.

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    ISMN M720065151
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    Wind Through the Trees (viola)

    By Jocelyn E Kotchie

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    Viola and piano, c.1'15.  Grade 2

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    ISMN 9790673142428

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