Yuletide Rhapsody #2

By Piotr Nowotnik

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Ensemble for flute, and two classical guitars, c.9'30
Composed 2013

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Yuletide Triptych, A

By Paul Paviour

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SATB choir a capella, c.4'50
Words by the international conductor, Patrick Thomas, AM

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Yunggamurra, River Spirit

By Betty Beath

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Soprano and piano, c.6'45.
Prose and verse by Patricia Wrightson, OBE from her prize-winning book The Dark Bright Water. The text is to do with spirits of Aboriginal myth and legend it is subtle, mysterious and suggests the Yunggamurra as both river spirit and aboriginal woman.
Composed 1984.

Song performed by Susan Dunn (soprano) and Betty Beath (piano), with permission Jade CD 1026 - River Songs.

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By Amanda Handel

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Solo piano, c.4'00.  Advanced grade
The word "Zardash" dates back to the times of Zarathustra.  It is the symbol of the gold disc-like halo - signifying power, brilliance and the sun.  The composition is loosely based on the Greek myth of Icarus, in his exultant and dangerous flight towards the sun.
Zardash was written for Aaron McMillan who first recorded and performed the piece in his project: "Arc of Light".  Aaron was a well celebrated young Australian pianist who tragically lost his life to a brain tumor in 2007.  Composed 2001
Audio sample from "Arch of Light" used with permission.

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 ISMN M720072463 
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Zen Variations

By Michael Hannan

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Solo piano, c. 9'50. Level of difficulty - Professional performance

Zen Variations takes as its starting point a chant-like melody.
Composed 1982.

Audio from A Little Variation CD (AMC VAST032.2) performed by Jeanell Carrigan.

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By Glenn Rogers

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Flute and guitar, c.5'00, Grade 5
Composed 2012

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Ziggedy Bop

By Diana Blom

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Two percussionists each playing four drums of  different pitches.
Ziggedy Bop is a tap dancing step and its rhythm permeates this work.
Composed 2003

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