Divinity - A dialogue between the self and music at the source

By Phillip Wilcher

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A profound reflection on the composer's relationship with his art.  The writer quotes: Since the very first day, when at 14 years of age I put pen to paper and began to notate music, I understood well that the greater lesson to be learned had little to do with the laws of harmony and counterpoint, nor even the virtues of discipline whereby the waywardness of random sounds could be made more civil. In the face of whatever higher force it was at work that afforded me the gift of self-realisation through sound, I knew well that however successful I might become (if at all) as a "composer", the abilities entrusted me for the caring and the sharing were so granted on the provision that I learn to overcome pride in order to find my place, and the greater the gift the more glory there would be to leave behind.

 ISBN 9781876829391