Century Volume III

By Larry Sitsky

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A set of 55 piano pieces for advanced grades, the third in the set of three volumes. 

Jewish Folksong - AMEB Grade 5, Series 17
ANZCA Syllabus - various pieces Grade 6

These volumes address a serious artistic repertoire for beginning players, not just classical repertoire simplified. The only main-stream composer who has taken on such a task was Bartok with his MIKROKOSMOS, which gave the young pianist serious repertoire as well as drawing heavily on the folk-music sources which were close to Bartok's heart and compositional world. The order of pieces included is not just for progression of difficulty, but for variety, challenge, inspiration as well. As the composer claims that this will always be contentious, it at least indicates roughly the intent behind the ordering of the collection.  Volume III includes mostly pieces for Levels 3/4 to 8/AMusA.
Composed 1990

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ISMN 979072017171524

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