Echoes of the Hunt

By Graeme Denniss

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Horn and piano, c.5'30. Grade 8

The horn has long been associated with the hunt.  Signals were played on hunting horns as a way of communicating over long distances and these melodic fragments found their way into many Classical Concerti.

Written in four sections, the opening music is sombre and mysterious, introducing the main theme and the bitonal chords, which are characteristic of the piano part.  The second and last sections are virtuosic and display the exhilaration of the hunt, but the polyrhythmic music at the heart of the work is elegiac, and can be seen as a lament for all the animals killed in the name of sport.
Composed 2020

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    Lisa Conlan-Holownia (horn); Catherine Guinevere Lynagh (piano)

    ISMN 9790720227986

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