Making My Own Music Anthology

By Joanne Burrows

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Ideally used as an extension or addition to Making My Own Music - the Art of Keyboard Improvisation Made Easy, these pieces in Making My Own Music, Anthology students start from different positions, skill sets and interest and so the pieces can be used in any order suitable. Feel free to simplify chord progressions if needed, and or to add 7th chords, substitute chords and such to those given. Mix and match and vary the order of using the repertoire of this  book in the best way to develop student improvisation skills. You can also give students just the chord progressions without the tunes, so they may experiment with improvisation of melody.  Make sure students try many different ways of adding chords, accompaniment patterns, substitute chords, tempos, fillers and arrangements. Try using just the chord progressions alone without the given tune. Try improvisation with a friend and make the solo into a duet.  Compiled 2014.

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