Right Royal Flush, A

By Jocelyn E Kotchie

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5 re-inventied nursery rhymes for advanced pianists, suggested 7th grade to Diploma
This collection contains a handful of favourite nursery rhymes with a royal theme. Composed 2015

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Those Fiddlers Three 
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A Pocketful of Jazz 
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And He Marched Them
Up and Down
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The full, hard copy bound quality paper book includes CD.

Below are samples of each piece and audio excerpts.

- Those Fiddlers Three - sheet music, c.4'00

- Sweet Lavender - sheet music, c.4'30
- All the King's Horses - sheet music, c.2'45
- A Pocketful of Jazz - sheet music, c.3'30
- And He Marched Them Up and Down - sheet music, c.3'30

These pieced performed here by Jovanni-Rey de Pedro

 ISMN 9790720151885