Piano Early Grades

Ball Games

By Diana Blom

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Three short pieces for solo piano, grades 1 - 4

These pieces depict the movement and sound of each of the games - a bouncing ball during a squash game; a heated table tennis match with long rallies; a basketball match with the ball dribbling and players running.
Composed 2010

Recorded and edited by Katie Zhukov for Wirripang Australian Piano Anthology Book 1 available online

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    Ballroom Suite

    By Alice Bannan

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    Piano solos.  Elementary to intermediate.

    The five individual pieces are unique in character and have been written to showcase the style and feel of each of the five ballroom dances.

    Designed to be accessible to students learning piano, they can be played as a suite of five pieces or individually.  Perfect for students feeling confident playing at an Early Intermediate or around Grade 2 level.

    Composed 2021

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          ISMN 9790720249513

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          Bourke Street Waltz, The

          By Paul Paviour

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          Piano solo, c.2'40 - for young pianists. Grade 2
          Composed 2014

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          ISMN 9790720151366

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          Canonical Adventure, A

          By Jocelyn E Kotchie

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          12 canons for adventurous fingers on the piano.

          The aim of these canons is to provide a small amount of material with maximum opportunity for repetition.  In this way, the child can truly live into and feel the individual voice or motif which is essential in successful independence of the parts.  And have fun with the music!
          Composed 2014. 

          Music samples and complete audio tracks


               ISMN 9790720146188 

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              Caterina Caterpillar and other Creepy Crawlies

              By Jocelyn E Kotchie

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              10 imaginative pieces for early level piano

              Below are music samples of each piece and complete audio tracks.


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                 Sammy Snail

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                 Mirabella Moth  Buy Now
                 Christopher Cricket  Buy Now
                 Fernando Flea  Buy Now

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                Century Volume I (2nd Edition)

                By Larry Sitsky

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                A set of 47 piano pieces for beginners. 2nd Edition, edited by Hannah Th'ng

                Didgeridoo - AMEB P Plate Book 2

                ANZCA Syllabus - various pieces, grades Prelim. to Grade 2

                The order of pieces is there not just for progression of difficulty, but for variety, challenge, inspiration as well. At one stage, the composer did sit down with one or more teachers and arrived at a purely subjective grading for each piece. As the composer claims, it will always be contentious, but at least indicates roughly the intent behind the ordering of the collection. Volume I includes mostly pieces for Prep - Level I.  See Volume II.
                Composed 1990 revised 2024

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                Christmas Crackers

                By Jocelyn E Kotchie

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                8 Christmas songs for easy piano. Grade: Pre-preliminary.

                Hand positions are shown in a graphic on top of each page and are all within a five finger range - movement outside of this range is shown by a circle surrounding the finger number to remind the student that something different is happening!
                Pieces include: Silent Night, Away in a Manger, Good King Wenceslas, Christmas is Coming, Deck the Halls, Jingle Bells, O Christmas Tree, The First Noel.

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                ISMN M720072111
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                Circus Invention

                By Jocelyn E Kotchie

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                A short solo piece for young pianists - c.0'50  Grade 2
                Composed 2011

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                ISMN 9790720115405
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                Colour Play

                By Jocelyn E Kotchie

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                ... with Angus, Heather and Friends.

                This full colour tutor piano book for the beginner student came about through a need I perceived for children to learn to read music in a child centred and developmentally appropriate way.  Young children learn through imitation and imaginative play.  They are creative beings, inspired by stories, pictures and colour and will happily absorb these and bring them to life. The child’s work, therefore, is rich with colour and pictures. 
                With this book, it is important that the child works independently so as to be fully immersed in this creative world and to feel the pride and satisfaction of a job well done. 
                The teacher’s job is to guide the learning, allowing time, space and a calm, peaceful environment for the work to take place.

                Composed 2019

                Audio and sheet music samples of just a few pieces from Colour Play


                • Heather the Hedgehog
                • Handsome Gavin
                • Fergus the Frog
                • Trevor’s Trumpet
                • Callie Loves to Sing
                • Duncan the Dragonfly
                • Angus and his Paddle Board


                ISMN 9790720214771
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                Composers' Series, The - Volume 8(c) Piano Solos (Hutchens)

                By Frank Hutchens

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                Frank Hutchens (1892-1965)

                37 piano solos for elementary level (preliminary to 5), composed between early 1930s and 1950s.  

                All the works in this volume are suitable for the grades preliminary to approximately grade five standard. They exploit different pedagogical aspects of piano playing including a variety of articulations, dynamics, and pedalling. In most cases pedalling is specified and if possible, in terms of the development the student, should be used.

                It is surprising how many of Hutchens’ works for piano are in a major key – predominantly G or D Major. As he was an extraordinary teacher, who taught at the NSW Conservatorium for almost 50 years - being one of the founders and first piano teachers, his music written for young and developing pianists is excellent pedagogical material. His language can be described as impressionistic rather than late romantic. He uses unsymmetrical phrases and the harmony, while basically tonal, explores chromaticism. He exploits both technical and musical aspects in terms of developing skills.

                More comprehensive biographical notes are within the volume which also includes a CD of all the works.

                Researched and edited by Jeanell Carrigan

                Volume 8: Frank Hutchens

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                ISMN 9790720231129
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                Connors Capers

                By Phillip Wilcher

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                Piano solos for young pianists.  Grade AMEB 2. 
                Composed 2012

                • 1. Slam Dunk
                • 2. Summer Sailing
                • 3. Hopscotch
                • 4. Stretching
                • 5. Snorkelling
                • 6. Water Slides
                • 7. Music at the Close

                Recorded by Jeanell Carrigan on Simply Beautiful Wirr 123.  Available online

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                Conquering Canons

                By Jocelyn E Kotchie

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                12 piano solos for 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades.
                Round the Garden - AMEB Grade 1 Series 17

                A light-hearted approach to the torments of canons! These Canons were written to fill a niche in teaching repertoire between the early level canons such as those by Pozzoli and Kunz and the two-part inventions of J S Bach which begin at around 4th grade.


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                Conquering Canons sheet music