Across the Oceans Deep and Blue (piano 4 hands)

By John Peterson

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Piano four hands, c.5'00. 

The music of Across the Oceans (Deep and Blue) attempts to evoke the image of a vast expanse of ocean as it extends towards an endless horizon. Although this expanse of ocean can at first glance seem to be unchanging, it is always in constant motion, with the ebb and flow of the waves, and the blue colours are in constant variation. Sailing across the ocean can be an exciting but also sometimes slightly fearful experience, as we can on occasion become aware that the power of the sea is beyond our control. Thus, while the music is, for the most part, content to evoke a gently flowing and relatively peaceful experience, there are moments that hint at the more turbulent and unpredictable nature of the ocean itself. Much of the harmonic material for this music is derived from a vertical arrangement of ascending perfect 5th intervals, (an ascending C-G-D-A chord, for example) creating chords that are wonderfully rich in harmonic sonorities. The intent here was to evoke the mysterious depths of the ocean, and the power of these bodies of water.

Recorded on Incantations by Jeanell Carrigan, available online

Composed 2023

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ISMN 9790673144163
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