Ballads of the Bush - Book One

By Gavin Lockley

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Medium voice and piano. 

7 Australian bush songs set to well known Australian poetry, including vocal and accompaniment CD. Arranged/composed 2008

1. The Man from Ironbark, c.4'00 (Paterson)
2. A Singer of the Bush, c. 2'20 (Paterson)
3. Mulga Bill's Bicycle, c.3'20 (Paterson)
4. The Australian Sunrise, c.5'00 (Cuthbertson)
5. Clancy of the Overflow, c.5'50 (Paterson)
6. The Ships' Ditty, 6'00 (Lockley)
7. A Bush Christening, c.4'00 (Paterson)

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