Caprice (Hiscocks)

By Wendy Hiscocks

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Violin solo.  Grade: Advanced, AMEB 8th, c.2'00

The music is composed in three sections; the outer parts flow with the currents of air and a sense of poise and free fall is required of the performer. It is not meant to be strictly in time and must breath with due attention to subtle dynamics but nor is it meant to be unrhythmic with overly fluctuating changes of tempo. The middle section is a dance with plenty of lift and an expression of pure joy.
Composed 1990 rev.1999      

Review: The Strad (Madeleine Mitchell  - Violin Conversations)
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Caprice has been selected by Apple Music Classical for their playlist "Women in Classical Music" 2023.

 ISMN 9790720167299
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