Odon - A Modern Medieval Tale

By Mark John Mcencroe and Mark J Saliba

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A Ballet: Act I and Act II, c.90'

The ballet ‘Odon’ is a story about greed, power, ambition, love, treachery, courage and hope, all set in a medieval era. The ballet tells a story about the relationship of a king and queen set in medieval times that abuse their power. Their subjects feel neglected and abused by this monarchy which results in the birth of a new breed of ambitious people who use the masses to overthrow the monarchs. In the end, the usurpers are overthrown by other ambitious people for the same reasons. The underlying theme of the story revolves around the principle of that human behaviour does not really change, as we can see from the same happenings in our modern times.

Behind The Scenes story about the ballet narrated by the members who participated in the production and world premier -

The world premier performance on August 17th 2022. State Opera Stara Zagora Bulgaria of this ballet ODON - A Modern Medieval Tale.

Repertoire and Discography:

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