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27 songs by various Australian Composers

1. Love Song (Parker) R J Stove, c.2'24
2. Lullalby (Parker) R J Stove, c.3'33
3. Ballad of a Talked Off Ear (Parker) R J Stove, c.1'55
4. The Fig Tree (Hodgson) Horace Keats, c.2'22
5. White Wind (Brennan) Horace Keats, c.1'17
6. Nature's Changes (Dickinson) John Wayne Dixon, c.2'30
7. Evening (Dickinson) John Wayne Dixon, c.3'0
8. New Feet Within (Dickinson) John Wayne Dixon, c.1'30
9. Asclepiades the miser (Anon) Stephen Yates, c.1'36
10. Though I would (Lucillus) Stephen Yates,c.2'50
11. Become Complete (Tao Te King) Michael Hugh Dixon, c.5'00
12. All Fall Down (Pretty) Houston Dunleavy, c.4.58
13. In Good Stead (Tao Te King) Michael Hugh Dixon, c.3'22
14. Elegy (Howarth) Brennan Keats, c.3'54
15. The Hour of the Parting (Neilson) Brennan Keats, c.2'24
16. Fascination (Ssu-K'ing T'u) Hugh Dixon, c.2'37
17. Tranquil Repose (Ssu-K'ing T'u) Hugh Dixon, c.1'33
18. Concentration (Ssu-K'ing T'u) Hugh Dixon, c.3'24
19. Motion (Ssu-K'ing T'u) Hugh Dixon, c.2'53
20. Mermaids (MacKenzie) Horace Keats, c.2'40
21. Song of the Little People (Sterling Levis) Horace Keats, c.2.23
22. My Heart was Wandering (Brennan) Horace Keats, c.3'29
23. This Moment (Rice) Sylvia Rice, c.2'56
24. Praise the Lord (Psalm 146:1-2) Brett McKern, c.1'54
25. Healed (Matthews) Mark Matthews, c.4'05
26. An Angry Cactus Does No Good (Peake) Stephen Yates, c.1'48
27. The Trouble with Geraniums (Peake) Stephen Yates, c.1'43

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