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Too Cool

By Joanne Burrows

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QUICK REFERENCE BOOK for all students

The Too Cool book was assembled by the author as a ‘go to’ or cheat book for students to quickly find answers bout the theory of music.  Useful reminders for all students and teachers:
•    Explanation 
•    Solution 
•    Definition 
•    Reminder

The book is not an instruction book, nor an exam preparation book. It is a book of helpful ‘tricks’, and ways of explaining, and understanding the theoretical concepts that underpin musical practice. A number of concepts are presented in a variety of ways to accommodate each student’s learning style.
Composed 2017

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ISMN 9790900979933

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Tuning the Horn - Beginnings

By Michael Hugh Dixon

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Comprehensive teaching resource book which provides a framework for learning to play the horn. It could also benefit those desiring to deepen their practical awareness of the harmonic series. This book focuses on the harmonic series that each valve produces, the pitch relationship between them and introduces subtleties of intonation that various fingerings provide ... and more.

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ISBN 978 1 876 82919 3

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