Introduction to the Cor Anglais and Oboe, An

By Rachel Tolmie

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Comprehensive guide to the cor anglais and oboe and and extensive repertoire list and valuable program notes.

Welcome to the wonderful world of musical wind instruments! The cor anglais and oboe belong to the class of wind instrument called the double reed. The bassoon and contra-bassoon are the other members of the double-reed family. The purpose of this book is to give you access to the cor anglais and oboe; how to play them, what to play on them and the techniques that will help you play them well.

It is also a vital guide for the music lover as it will inform you as to the repertoire of these instruments and will help promote your listening pleasure. Very little is written about the cor anglais so this book seeks to promote it along with the oboe, both often heard but rarely recognised.

Hard copy includes a CD of cor anglais works performed by Rachel Tolmie. 
Also available online is Rachel's CD - Simply, Cor Anglais (Wirr007)

ISBN1876829 12 5

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