Apocryphon of Initiation

By Larry Sitsky

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Concerto No. 3 for piano (without orchestra) in 9 movements, c.48'00

Over the past decade and a half, Larry Sitsky has made a tremendous contribution to the Australian piano repertoire in a series of longer, improvisatory piano works. This series begins with The Way of the Seeker from 2006 and includes four piano sonatas and four other multi-movement works (Way of the Seeker, Dimensions of Night, The Golden Dawn, and finally Apocryphon of Initiation). Composed 2019

  • 1.  The Pyramid of Light
  • 2.  The Veil of Isis
  • 3.  Mysteries of Osiris
  • 4.  The Avenue of Sphinxes
  • 5.  The Hidden God
  • 6.  Voices from Silence
  • 7.  Night of Seth
  • 8.  Opening the eyes of Horus
  • 9.  Illumination of the adept

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This work has been recorded on Language of Angels: Larry Sitsky & Ancient Mysticism, Edward Neeman (piano) 2022, available:

ISMN 9790720249742

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