Concerto per Pianoforte e Orchestra

By Meta Overman

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Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in three movements, c.25'00

In 1942 Overman wrote the piano concerto which was performed at the time by the Rotterdam Philharmonic orchestra and Marinus Flipse as piano soloist. Unfortunately, due to the war and the occupation of Rotterdam by the Nazis the orchestral parts, including the piano part, were lost and all that has been available since was a handwritten full score that had been retained in the Overman archives in the Music Library at UWA.
The work is in three movements and is written at times like a duet in that the piano is one instrument and the orchestra, as a whole, is the other and the two alternate with the main melodic and harmonic motives.  

The manuscripts have been researched and edited by Jeanell Carrigan, 2020.

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