Fandango Returns! CD

By Ann Carr-boyd

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Music by Ann Carr-Boyd

One of the most rewarding things about writing music is the opportunity to meet and work with some of the most interesting people in the world. All the people and performers listed on these CDs (and many more who unfortunately can’t all be fitted on to two CDs) have enriched my life with their musicality and their warmth of friendship. The years I spent with the Sydney Mandolins in the 1980s and onwards were just wonderful. I wrote at least 12 different works for them - and all were rehearsed to the most high point of performance and interpretation. Little did we know at the time that Fandango would become so well known - but we have all been happy to see Fandango launch out into the world with a whole adventurous life of its own.   Ann Carr-Boyd 2018

This double compilation consists of works performed by: The Sydney Mandolins; Diana Weston, harpsichord; Danielle Grant, soprano; Tara Hashambuoy, violin; Joanne Arnott, recorder; Rita Woolhouse, cello; Paul Champion, clarinet; Tony Baldwin, piano; Edgars Kariks, flute; Susan Blake, cello; Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, conductor Arnold Butcher; Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, conductor Patrick Thomas, pianist Sally Mays; Sydney Symphony Fellows; Cedar-Rose Newman, violin; Lina Lee, violin; John Martin, piano and Ann Carr-Boyd, piano.
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Cover artwork by Ann Carr-Boyd

All scores available online.

Download samples
Disc One
1 Fandango (1982)
2 Argizagi Ederra (1976)
3 Nadir (1973)
Flying West (2014) [4-11]
4 Flying West     5 Bumpy Ride
6 Interlude I
7 Wings from the Sky
8 Interlude II     9 Red Earth
10 The Clinic    11 The Return
12 On the Shores of Aswan (1994)
Suite for Flute and Harpsichord (1990) [13-16]
13 Prelude        14 Badinerie
15 American Dream
16 Toccata
17 Music for an Imaginary Italian Film (1985)
18 Starburst (2002)
Beneath the Yellow Moon (2004/5) [9-21]
19 Beneath the Yellow Moon
20 Billabong
21 Dreamtime haze
22 Titan (2004)
Disc Two
1 Images of Australia (1988)
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra [2-4]
2 Mvt. 1  3 Mvt. 2   4 Mvt. 3
5 Rag for Razz (2007)
6 A Day in Taralga (2003)
7 Harp in the Highlands (2003)
8 Prelude (1988)
The Razz Suite (2008) [9-13]
9 Prelude for Luigi   
10 Mysterious Kitty regards the
ancient universe as time marches to its own beat
11 Tea for Tugger    12 Fluffy Boy
13 Fandango for Fifi
14 Australian Dawn (2016)
15 Bush Dance (2016)
16 Rag for Razz for violin and piano (2007)
17 Northbridge Blues (1995)
18 Boulevard Waltz (1988)
19 Prelude for Violin and Piano (2017)