It needs a big 'ow' sound; ow-nd... ground!

By Vincent Giles

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For any low woodwind (sounding below C3 at its top register)

This composition is a variation on the entirety of Evan Johnson’s Ground, and utilises a MaxMSP patch originally developed by Lindsay Vickery with modifications by the composer.

The work is an investigation into the retention of a piece’s identity through multiple iterations (vaguely akin to Lucier’s I am sitting in a room) through its microsonic content. This variation retains Johnson’s metric and tempo markings, along with some of the dynamic markings and re-maps them without concern to the actual gestures made to a stylised version of a peak-frequency spectrogram made of a recording of the source work.

Composed 2015-2016

Audio (below) recorded by Brigid Burke

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ISMN 9790720167343
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