By Linda Dalgliesh

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Suite for unaccompanied clarinet, c.7'50

This suite of six short pieces is a tribute to the life of the Rakali (Hydromys chrysogaster), a native rodent of Australian rivers, wetlands and coastal areas. The rakali resembles an otter, having partially webbed hind feet and water-repellent fur, and is a strong swimmer. The nimble and richly-textured Clarinet in Bb is aptly suited for a depiction of this mammal’s life cycle.

The pieces describe, in turn, a hungry rakali moving stealthily at dusk along the shoreline, searching for shellfish and crabs; a young rakali exploring the reedbeds and tree roots under the watchful eye of its mother; the well-fed rakali family returning to their burrow to sleep; a battle-scarred old rakali basking in the sun while listening to the calls of stonecurlews; a rakali pair playing hide-and-seek (perhaps courting?); and a lone rakali swimming in a creek.
Composed 2018

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ISMN 9790720226248

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