Second Chance, The

By Houston Dunleavy

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Short Opera about redemption, c.10'30

Young lovers Keith and Erica are in the last days of their doomed relationship.  Angry and distant, they have no chance of finding or giving forgiveness for whatever drove them apart.  By some odd quirk of time, space, and fate, their 20-years-older selves are flung back to this moment, forced to watch what they have both replayed in their minds a thousand times and more:  the moment when Erica walked away, and Keith ... just ... lets her go.

Current-day Keith and Erica plead with their younger selves, trying to make them see that they're throwing away the best person they will ever love, that the rest of their lives will be dull and full of regret and pain.  The younger selves can neither see nor hear them, and the older selves realise that if this love is to be redeemed, it can only happen to who they are right now.

Composed 2010.  Libretto by Laura E Goodin.

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ISMN 9790720126524

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