Selected Australian Songs (TCL)

By Australian Composers

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18 Songs as listed on the Trinity College Singing Syllabus from 2005 to 2010.

1 Lullaby (Stove), c.3'34
2 An Angry Cactus Does No Good (Yates), c.1'50
3 The Trouble with Geraniums (Yates), c.1'44
4 Dreams at Eventide (Keats), c.2'49
5 My Dark-eyed Acushla (Keats), c.3'22
6 I Will Build my House in the Water (Keats), c.1'39
7 The Lamb (Keats), c.3'48
8 Love's Secret (Keats), c.2'12
9 Plucking the Rushes (Keats), c.2'35
10 Love Song (Stove), c.2'26
11 Epigram I (Yates), c.2'41
12 Epigram II (Yates), c.1'38
13 Epigram III (Yates), c.1'38
14 Epigram IV (Yates), c.2'49
15 Nature's Changes (Dixon), c.2'32
16 Columbine (Keats), c.2'04
17 Sea Wraith (Keats), c.3'10
18 Evening (Dixon), c.3'02

For more details on these songs, including audio samples see individually listed songs or "Songs From Australia" on this website.

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