Semblance of a Whole, A

By Vincent Giles

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A Semblance of a Whole, c.11'49

A composition for any three instruments, that draws its sonic and rhythmic material from the other two pieces.

This piece is the third part of the series Bits & Pieces / Put Together To Present / A Semblance Of A Whole

When these three pieces are played or exhibited together, they form a single piece: Bits & Pieces Put Together To Present A Semblance Of A Whole*, and should be played in succession. ONLY when performed in full should the electronics of part III be heard simultaneous to the trio. In individual performances of part III, only the instruments should be audible.

This piece has two scores: an audio score ( the supplied Pd patch and/or any implementation the performers desire to distribute the sounds to each instrument, and a rhythmic and dynamic score, notated. The audio score provides each player with their pitch, timbral, and gestural information in real time, which they are to improvise a response to, with some preparation. The articulation of this timbre is provided in the text score, which is to be utterly precise in rhythm, dynamic, and tempo.

Hard copy purchase includes three scores.

Composed 2015

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ISMN 9790720167350
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