Solaris - clarinet

By Christopher Healey

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Clarinet and piano.

Written for soprano saxophone, it is also available for clarinet, flute and oboe.

This work is a study in contrasts, mixing sensual and romantic melodies one moment, with agitated and virtuosic writing the next.

The first movement introduces this ongoing conflict and drama, however, in the second movement, Andante, the lyrical wins out and the listener is treated to a tranquillity and simple melodiousness reminiscent of the second movement of the Ravel Piano Concerto in G Major. The drama then resumes in full force in the fourth movement, with sinister machine-like clusters from the piano, and agitated melodies from the Saxophone. Lyrical material from the first movement reappears, only to be overrun by the mechanistic churning of the piano. Like a hamster-wheel, running only turns the machine further, and it eventually becomes apparent that escape is futile.

Composed 2015 rev. 2022

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ISMN 9790673142275

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