Baroque Bear at the Arabian Wedding Party, The

By Gina Ismene Chitty

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For marimba, classical guitar, sleigh bells and cow bells, c.7'00

The Baroque Bear is a character from the Grunewald forest in Berlin of the early 1700s. He time travels to be a guest at a twenty first century Arabian wedding party.

The Classical guitar, representative of the Baroque Bear, reflects on his musings and gradual  acceptance of the florid Arabian traditions, similar and yet dissimilar to his own musical and Bärenfamilie traditions.

 At the onset he is confused by the rich and diverse Arabian music and culture, the dance rhythms, the wild abandon and the prevailing joie de vivre that seems a little removed from his own culture and music.  But he quickly strikes a rapport with the beautiful bride and the groom, plodding on and cheerfully asserting his own ornamentation of decorative flourishes, trills and little arpeggiated riffs, to match the exotic dance melodies and rhythms of the lovely couple.

Composed 2020.  

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ISMN 9790720227801
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