Mars - double bass

By Keyna Wilkins

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Double bass and piano in three movements. c.2'05. Difficulty level: 8 - A.Mus
The composer was inspired to write this after learning about NASA's 2012 Mars Rover mission.
Part 1 Red Dirt reflects the vehicle bumping over boulders on the Martian landscape. Part 2 Red Mysteries symbolizes the many unanswered questions we have about Mars, and captures the stillness and stasis of the landscape. Part 3 Red Children is a playful pondering on a future Mars colony.  Composed 2011

  • 1  Red Dirt - bold and virtuosic, c.2'55
  • 2  Red Mysteries - slow and subtle, c.3'40
  • 3  Red Shadows - questions! c.2'05.  

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