By Michael Atherton

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Cross-cultural percussion and dance. c.12'00

A cross cultural 'comprovisation' for musician and dancer, using mainly percussion (tuned and non tuned) instruments and sound making objects.  The piece is developed through an improvisation on composed motives, number sequences and irregular rhythms.  This is tempered by a collaborative interaction with a dancer.  The dancer listens, watches and engages with an eclectic mix of instrumental colours and textures; the musician watches, listens and responds to a vocabulary of dance gestures; chooses material according to the ebb and flow of the interaction that occurs.  Jiriyai! means war cry in the Sydney language.  It is dedicated to Pemulwuy, who led a resistance movement against invading Europeans.

Recorded on the CD, Jo-Wha (Oneness) (Wirr 006) available online

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ISMN M720065120

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