Seasons Lived, Seasons Dreamed

By John Wayne Dixon

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Collection of 6 songs for medium voice and piano. 
Composed 2003
  • 1. Nature's Changes - Emily Dickinson, c.3'00
  • 2. New Feet Within - Emily Dickinson, c.1'25
  • 3. Summer Days - Paul Hohenberg, c.4'00
  • 4. Inside - Johannes Schlaf, c.3'00
  • 5. Autumn - Walter Savage Landor, c.2'50
  • 6. Presentiment - Emily Dickinson, c.3'15
"Nature's Changes" is included on the Trinity/Guildhall Singing Syllabus and recorded by Wendy Dixon and David Miller on Songs from Australia (Wirr 004);  "Nature's Changes" and "New Feet Within" on Simply Songs (Wirr 001) and by Pamela Mildenhall and David Vance on Mermaids (Wirr 033) all CDs available online

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