Aulos Australis

By Jeanell Carrigan, James Kortum

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James Kortum (flute) and Jeanell Carrigan (piano)


Sonatas for Flute and Piano by Australian Women

"The flute is an instrument blessed with an expressiveness all its own. Lustrous and penetrating, tender and lyrical, charming and sensual, its hues would put a chameleon to shame."  (Rhein, 1963)

The above quote has been taken from a review John von Rhein wrote about the well-known flute virtuoso Donald Peck who was, for some time, the teacher of James Kortum. It expresses the many wonderful qualities of the flute as an instrument, capable of a variety of sounds, an instrument capable of adjusting its basic colour characteristics to suit the style of the works that are being performed. The five flute sonatas on this recording are all quite different in style and employ different timbres with only these two aspects in common – they are all written by an Australian composer who was also a woman. The sonatas by Miriam Hyde and Phyllis Batchelor have already joined the stream of traditional flute repertoire but the two sonatas by Meta Overman and the solo flute sonata by Margery Smith, written especially for the virtuosity of James Kortum are recorded here for the first time.
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Sonata 1 for Flute and Piano (Meta Overman)
1   Allegro moderato
2   Variations - Allegretto non troppo
3   Andante sostenuto
4   Vivo e risoluto
Sonata for Flute and Piano (Miriam Hyde)
5   Allegro giocoso
6   Andante pastorale
7  Allegro con spirit
Sonata for Flute and Piano (Phyllis Batchelor)
8   Molto allegro
9   Adagio
10 Vivace
Sonata 2 for Flute and Piano (Meta Overman)
11  Allegro energico
12  Poco lento, delicate
13 Allegro animato
Sonata for Flute (Margery Smith)
14  1.  Elegy
15  2.  Incisive
16  3.  Black abyss
17  4.  Breathless