Box, The

By Houston Dunleavy

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Short Opera about love, c.9'30. 
Libretto by Laura E Goodin.

Leona works in a warehouse with Gil and Byron, who have been friends, as well as co-workers, for years. In the course of her work, she opens a box that's inexplicably empty.  Tossing it aside as a fluke, she continues - but something odd is happening.  Why are Gil and Byron looking at each other like that? She hears a news item on the radio: everyone in Sydney is falling in love!  Terrified that this sudden vulnerability will leave her friends open to heartbreak, she slams the box shut again.  Nothing good can come of this:  nothing good has ever come of such reckless emotion. "Hearts are warehouses," she sings, "shelves of plain brown boxes holding nothing much.  I've always known it - the heart has no possibilities".
Leona can't decide - will she open the box, or not?
Composed 2010. 

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