Callisto: Music for Fairlight CMI

By Michael Hannan

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Michael Hannan 
The CD Callisto features works composed for the Fairlight Computer Musical Instrument (CMI) which is the world's first digital music sampler, a product of the late 1970s. The recording also provides some documentation of a phase of Michael Hannan’s development as a composer, during which he was an insider of a ground breaking project generated by the CMI at that time, being 1984.

Each work conveys images that draw one away to other worlds, in the case of Callisto (the largest moon of Jupiter) to a sound analysis of laughter, a series of studies, a sonata written in the style of Conlon Nancarrow, through the inspiration generated by animal calls, a tribute to Slonimsky, finally and intriguingly an attempt to stimulate the conditions by which a thought trance is induced. 
Wirr 079

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 1.  Callisto
 2.  Laughing Piece
 3.  Study #1.1
 4.  Study #1.2
 5.  Study #1.3
 6.  Sonata After Nancarrow
 7.  Animal Minimal
 8.  Slonimsky Variations
 9.  Alphabeat