Composers' Series, The - Volume 10(c) Elementary (Hill)

By Mirrie Hill

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 Mirrie Hill (1889-1986)

45 piano solos for elementary level, composed between 1945 and 1973. 

Mirrie Hill contributed greatly to Australian music as a pianist, composer, teacher, and examiner. In her 76 years as a composer Mirrie wrote approximately 554 compositions many of which were published. 

Mirrie Hill’s undeniable specialty was in writing pedagogical works for children which were both educative and enjoyable to play. She always captured the imagery of the title extremely well in the material she used. This is especially relevant in the shorter and very simple works but also in those more difficult compositions for higher grades. In this volume there are many previously unpublished works as well as those composed quite early in her life when she would have been able to perform the works herself. On the unpublished works there is rarely a composition date and the date on the published works is presumably attached to publication and not composition.

More comprehensive biographical notes are within the volume.

Researched and edited by Jeanell Carrigan

Volume 10:  Mirrie Hill

Download samples of each piece

    • The Goblin’s Dance
    • Green Grasshopper (1958)
    • Dancing Slippers (1948)
    • A Moonlight Dance (1953)
    • Bell-Birds (1952)
    • Jolly Jack Tar (1945)
    • Sea Magic (Seven pieces for Piano)
    •     March of the Blue Crabs
    •     On the Beach
    •     Dancing Sun
    •     The One Who Makes that Creepy Sound
    •     The Lap of the Little Waves
    •     Shell Folk
    •     Old Man Surf
    • Three Highland Tunes
    •     The Merry Making
    •     The North Hunt Dance
    •     Laddie With the Jet-Black Hair
    • Engines (also called Machinery)
    • Dancing (On a Pentatonic Scale)
    • Fun on a Scale
    • The Dream Time
    • Honeybees
    • Hurry-Skurry
    • Men on the Moon
    • Minuet
    • Sad Little Ant
    • I Like Dancing
    • Happy Swaggie (1948)
    • Mister ‘Roo (1948)
    • The Jacobite War Song
    • Jolly Jig
    • My Pet Lost
    • Leaping Frogs
    • Dance of the Cunning Mouse (1973)
    • Willie Wagtail (1952)
    • March of a Robot (1973)
    • Happy Time
    • Sunday Eve
    • Trains Come and Go
    • Happily, Flows the Creek
    • Quarrel of the Two Hands
    • To Beauty in a Leaf
    • Here Comes a Sailor
    • Waltzing Matilda (1950) Marie Cowan arr. Mirrie Hill
    • Bonny Ho! (1973)
    • Blue-Tongue Lizard (1952)

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