Composers' Series, The - Volume 10(d) Beginners (Hill)

By Mirrie Hill

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Mirrie Hill (1889-1986)

58 piano solos for beginner level, composed between 1919 and 1978 

Mirrie Hill contributed greatly to Australian music as a pianist, composer, teacher, and examiner. In her 76 years as a composer Mirrie wrote approximately 554 compositions many of which were published. 

Mirrie Hill’s undeniable specialty was in writing pedagogical works for children which were both educative and enjoyable to play. She always captured the imagery of the title extremely well in the material she used. This is especially relevant in the shorter and very simple works but also in those more difficult compositions for higher grades. In this volume there are many previously unpublished works as well as those composed quite early in her life when she would have been able to perform the works herself. On the unpublished works there is rarely a composition date and the date on the published works is presumably attached to publication and not composition.

More comprehensive biographical notes are within the volume.

Researched and edited by Jeanell Carrigan

Volume 10:  Mirrie Hill

Download samples of each piece

  • Six Pianoforte Pieces for Little Children (Mirrie Solomon) (1919)
  •     After School
  •     Little Waltz
  •     Rain Drops
  •     Grief and Hope
  •     In the Time of a Minuet
  •     The Soldiers March Along
  • Child fancies 1 (1935)
  •     Waltz
  •     Gavotte
  •     Raindrops
  •     The Sad Doll
  •     The Rippling Waters
  •     Flowers in the Breeze
  •     The Fairies Minuet
  •     The Big Black Spider
  •     March of the Toy Soldiers
  • All in a Day: seven easy solos (1950)
  •     Good Morning
  •     The Swing
  •     When I Wander
  •     Dancing Feet
  •     Come Riding
  •     Daddy Long-Legs Takes a Walk
  •     Good Night
  • Come into My Garden (1955)
  •     Nodding Grasses
  •     Pansy Faces
  •     My Climbing Bean
  •     The Goldfish Pond
  •     Midnight Prowls
  • Advertisements: a series of four tuneful pieces for young pianists (1959)
  •     Red Eagle
  •     He Scampers Away
  •     Little White Pony
  •     Sailing around Australia
  • Round About (Six Easy solos) (1965)
  •     The Clock
  •     Little Black Ant
  •     Cracker Night
  •     Mr. Bandicoot
  •     A Maori Tune
  •     Moreton Bay
  • Fun in the Sun and three other pieces (1971)
  •     Fun in the Sun
  •     The Worm that Wriggled.
  •     Possum Scampers
  •     Dancing on the Sand
  • Jolly wallaby and three other pieces
  •     Jolly Wallaby
  •     Bush Sunset
  •     The Trees are Dreaming
  •     The Owl that Blinked (1971)
  • Merry Romp (1973) 77
  • The Two Frogs (1973) 78
  • Up and Down (1973) 80
  • Saturday (1973) 82
  • Child fancies 2 (1978)
  •     Mia-ow (That is my cat’s name)
  •     Here comes a Sailor
  •     Puppy, in Search of a Home
  •     The Jolly Companions
  •     Dream–Time Song
  •     That Nippy Crab
  •     Two Voices Sing
  •     Jumpity Creatures
  •     Chords and Bells

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