Eros in Repose

By Paul Paviour

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A collection of love songs for mezzo-soprano and piano. 
Composed 2007
  • 1. And the river flows (B L Waite), c.2'30
  • 2. When the poor love dies (E Dowson), c.3'05
  • 3. My dreams ( W B Yeats), c.2'00
  • 4. Love will find out the Way (anon), c.2'35
  • 5. The silence of a dream (Christina Rosetti, c.3'15
  • 6. Do I love thee? (T E Spencer), c.2'20
  • 7. When love is done ( Francis W Bourdillon), c. 0'50
  • 8. The last sweet kiss (W H Davies), c.1'55

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