Fantasy Romantic (orchestral)

By Miriam Hyde

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For Piano and Orchestra, c.10'00.

The work, both passionate and lyrical, opens in D minor with an arresting “chime” from the piano, followed by rather brooding phrases from the orchestra introducing a 4-note rising figure which is to play a prominent part. A second theme, in D major, with a rising fifth, is announced by the solo instrument. This is at first of a more "giocoso" nature, giving scope for some playful woodwind imitation. In passages of a lighter texture, the flute has some solo bars. It later develops into some bravura octave passages, calling upon the full resonance of the piano. It will be noticed that, in the final phase of the Coda, the two themes are combined affirmatively in the major key, the first given to strings, the second (now "maestoso") to horns and trumpets. The piano is left to supply complementary figuration.
Composed 1940

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ISMN 9790673144224

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