Fire in My Heart - CD

By Miriam Hyde

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Features a rich treasure trove of 26 songs by Miriam Hyde and first time released.  Performed by Wendy Dixon (soprano), David Miller (piano) and recorded using Miriam's piano.  The vast collection of Miriam Hyde's art songs provides singers and pianists with a legacy of finely drawn repertoire that is both unpretentious and refreshingly original - this recording is representative of only part of the collection!
Individual songs in print music or two albums - Rhyme After Rain 2nd Ed and In the Rose Garden together with critical notes and CD are available online.  Wirr044

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 1  Take Thou This Rose*
 2 At Beauty's Altar*
 3  Fire in My Heart*
Mediaeval Latin Lyrics [tr.] Helen Waddell
 4  The River and the Hill Henry Kendall
 5  Dream Land Christina Rossetti
6 Lullaby Christina Rossetti
7  Nightfall by the River W. Allder Morrison
 8  Laughter Hilda Hammond-Spencer
 9  A Song of Autumn Adam Lindsay Gordon
 10 The Illawarra Flame Patricia Francis
 11 Anzac Threnody Dorothea Dowling
 12  Dawn Service Mary Bertram
 13  In the Rose Garden Marjorie Kenna
 14  The First Boronia Miriam Hyde
 15  The Apple Tree Patricia Hackett
16  The Lotus Pool Chinese Lyrics [tr.] Helen Waddell
 17  Leaves in the Wind Miriam Hyde
 18  My Sorrow Stirs Hilda Hammond-Spencer
 19  The Wind in the Sedges Hilda Hammond-Spencer
 20  Rhyme After Rain John Galsworthy
 21  Late June Valerie Barton
 22  Twilight Beach Dorothea Dowling
 23  Prayer for Rain Miriam Hyde
 24  Before the Spring Miriam Hyde
 25  Winter Willow Music Miriam Hyde
 26  Thoughts at Dusk Miriam Hyde