From a Bridge of Dreams

By Australian Composers

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An album of sheet music of 22 flute and piano works by various Australian Composers. The album also includes the CD of the complete works.

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1. Serenade (Ian Cooper)
2. Calling the Turtles In (Frank Millward)
3. Nawang Wulan (Betty Beath)
4. From A Bridge of Dreams (Betty Beath)
5. Music for Gillian (Betty Beath)
6. Locana (Michael Dixon)
7. Locana's Consort (Michael Dixon)
8. Inner Life (Michael Dixon)
9. Evanston Song (Nigel Butterley)
10. The Wind Stirs Gently (Nigel Butterley)
11. Sunflowers (Wendy Suiter)
12. Silver-Eyed Gull (Brennan Keats)
13. Ann and Del in Oz (Ann Carr-Boyd)
14. Ann and Del (Ann Carr-Boyd)
15. Over the Quiet Waters (arr Brennan Keats)
16. Mermaids (arr Brennan Keats)
17. By the Lily-Pond (arr Brennan Keats)
18. I Will Build My House in the Water (arr Brennan Keats)
19. Plucking the Rushes (arr Brennan Keats)
20. Goldfish (arr Brennan Keats)
21. Sea Breeze (arr Brennan Keats)
22. The Valley Lay Smiling Before Me (Horace Keats)

Audio samples are accessible by viewing the CD listing of From A Bridge of Dreams (Wirr005) available online

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