Landscape of Diffracted Colours

By Peter Mcnamara

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Mixed ensemble and pre-recorded electronics. c.10'00

The work's title refers to the many different colours found in the Australian landscape and how the light of these colours can be bent and diffracted. Some of this imagery includes shimmering, where light is bent by Australia's extreme heat and the rich and dark colours of sandstone, which is visible because of reflection and diffraction from elements of its composition.
The work's harmonic material is based on the harmonic series of four fundamentals. The ensemble and electronics work together to synthesise various tone colours and transform them over time. There is also interplay between the two parts where the colouristic resonance of the ensemble is morphed into a different colour by the electronic part.

Includes parts, and pre-recorded electronic surrounds CD. DVD is available on request:

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ISMN 9790720078311

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