Music of the Spirit CD

By Various Composers

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   Double CD featuring works by Michael Atherton, Anne Boyd, Diana
   Blom, Bruce Crossman, Houston Dunleavy, Ross Edwards, Ji-yun
   Lee, Garth Paine, Chinary Ung, SynC, austraLYSIS.


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Disc 1

1  Etymalong (Ross Edwards) 
2  Chun-Hyang Ka: Korean Love Song (Ji-Yun Lee)
Seven Mirrors  (3-9) (Chinary Ung)
3-9 Mvt 1,   Mvt 2,   Mvt 3,   Mvt 4
Mvt 5,   Mvt 6,   Mvt 7
10  Oku ou Talanoa mo Hoki Loto (Michael Atherton)
11  Double Resonances (Bruce Crossman)
Disc 2
 1  Sonic Alchemies (SynC)
 2  Fue Sho (Garth Paine)
 3  Earth and Space - IV (Houston Dunleavy)
 4  Spiral XI:  Mother and Child (Chinary Ung)
5  Angklung (Anne Boyd)
6  The Whale's Song (Diana Blom)
7  Ubasuteyama (austraL YSIS)