Myriad Moments

By Jocelyn E Kotchie

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5 picturesque cameos piano pieces for young pianists.Grades lst to 2nd. 

These pieces are designed to teach specific techniques.  The pedaling at times is complex but may be omitted or reduced for early level students, the more advanced will benefit from playing as written.  The ultimate aim is to develop expressiveness in playing.


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Sunlight through the Pines  Buy Now
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The full, hard copy bound quality paper book includes CD.

Below are samples of each piece and audio excerpts.

Whispers in the Wind - sheet music and audio sample

Ripples on the Water - sheet music and audio sample

Raindrops on the Window - sheet music and audio sample

Sunlight through the Pines - sheet music and 
 audio sample

Reflections in the Mirror - sheet music and  audio sample

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