New Art Song of the Pacific Rim CD

By Blom, Hanrahan

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Kevin Hanrahan, tenor and Diana Blom, piano
Containing music from five countries around the Pacific Rim – Australia, New Zealand, Colombia, USA and Japan – this program of new art song explores settings of poetry and letters written over several centuries. US composer, Gwyneth W. Walker, set letters by John Muir, a 19th century American naturalist and early advocate for the preservation of US wilderness areas, and Australian composer, Diana Blom, set poems of 19th and 20th century American writers, Hartley Burr Alexander, Mary Elizabeth Frye, Henry David Thoreau and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in a Portrait of America. Colombian-based composer, Moisès Bertran Ventejo, set three poems of Josep Janés, a Catalan poet of the first half of the 20th century. New Zealand composers Anthony Ritchie, Chris Adams and Clare Maclean have set poems of New Zealand poets James K. Baxter, Sam Hunt, Brian Turner and Gillis Maclean, from across the 20th century and into the 21st. West Australian composer, Alex Turley, set texts from the 8th century by Tang dynasty Chinese poet Du Fu and from the 21st century by West Australian poet, Caroline McAllister. The three Japanese art songs by Közaburo Hirai and Hattori Tadashi are settings of poems by Kitahara Hakushū, Kitami Shihoko and Ōki Atsuo, all written in the first half of the 20th century.
Wirr 094  

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[1] Glory in the Mountains (Gwyneth W Walker)
[2] Ice! (Gwyneth W Walker)
[3] My Father Today (Anthony Ritchie)
[4] Song (Anthony Ritchie)
[5] El somni meu en els teus ulls – My dream in your eyes (Moisès Bertran Ventejo)   
[6] Un horitzó de glòries – A horizon of glories (Moisès Bertran Ventejo) 
[7] Suau, la teva veu – Softly, your voice (Moisès Bertran Ventejo)   
[8] Stars Alone (Alex Turley) 
[9] I am Sleepless (Alex Turley)        
[10] Oiwake – A piper blows (Kōzaburo Hirai)
[11] Narayama (Kōzaburo Hirai) 
[12] Sheep in the fields (Hattori Tadashi)
[13] ] ‘a seagull’s shadow’ (Clare Maclean)
[14] Afternoon (Chris Adams)
[15] The last song (Diana Blom)
[16] Indian prayer (Diana Blom)
[17] I am the little Irish boy (Diana Blom)              
[18] A shadow (Diana Blom)                
[19] The last song (Reprise) (Diana Blom)