New Tenant, The, Op.2 No.2

By Sofia Chapman

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Piano Accordion, c. 2'00.  Grade 4

From the play by the composer “The Four Accordionists of the Apocalypse".

The story briefly - Frigg, Norse Goddess of Fertility, descends to Earth to see why she’s no longer worshipped and to address a crisis in human fertility. She decides to have an apocalypse and books as musicians Vita Bellows, for whom the accordion is a revelation, as well others seeking work such as Valkyries and midwives. But when Vita’s accordion comes to life, representing all human made objects in the final showdown, Frigg fears the destructive force of the accordion may indicate a ‘Twilight of the Gods’.  The New Tenant - performed in the play by the ‘apocalyptic beast’, an accordion that comes to life.

Composed 2012 rev. 2020

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ISMN 9790720249483

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