By Michael Atherton

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Clarinet and percussion, c.10'00

The main instruments - a clarinet (aerophone) and a vibraphone (tuned metallophone) - are often competing for the same space, sometimes in strict unison, and sometimes overlaying each other. This dialogue commences with a bass drum pulse influenced by a changgo and puk ostinato heard in Korean samul nori percussion. The percussion challenges the clarinet to ?speak?, setting up a call and response interchange. This leads to restless clarinet interjections, which are interspersed with restrained vibraphone gestures. Flurries of compression are contrasted with laissez vibrer rejoinders and vice versa. The dialogue culminates in a dance-like finale. 

Patina is recorded on the CD Creative Explosion (Wirr 028) available online

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ISMN 9790720101279
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