Piano Sonata No. 1

By Larry Sitsky

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Piano solo - 4 movements, c.25'0

The first sonata is unmistakably marked by traditional sonata structure. In four movements, the first movement is loosely based on Sonata Allegro form. The intense lyricism of the second movement is countered by the third movement, an effervescent scherzo named after the mischievous spirit of Voodoo lore who stands between the worlds of the living and the dead. The virtuoso finale replaces the traditional rondo with a kaleidoscope that reflects sections of the first three movements. Composed 2009

  • 1.  The Waters of the Abyss, c.7'30, 
  • 2.  Invocations of the Invisible, c.6'0, 
  • 3.  Loa of the Crossroads, c.4'30, 
  • 4.  Danse de rejuissanse c.3'40.

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