Ragtime, Dreams and Visions

By Katie Zhukov

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Piano music by Australian women composers played by Katie Zhukov. Includes works by Elena Kats-Chernin, Ann Ghandar, Mary Mageau, Ann Carr-Boyd, May Howlett and Betty Beath.
Print music for most of the works are available online.
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1  Barbeque Rag (Elena Kats-Chernin)
2  Combination Rag (Elena Kats-Chernin)
Ragtime Remembered (Mary Mageau) (3-5)
3  The Samford Rag
4  Two to Tango
5  A Rollicking Rag
Fragmentary Rags (Ann Gandar) (6-8)
6  i  - 7  ii   - 8  iii
9  The Baroqua Rag (May Howlett)
10  The Federation Rag (Ann Carr-Boyd)
11  Rag for Razz (Ann Carr-Boyd)
Ragtime Suite (Ann Ghandar) (12-16)
12  Rainy Day Rag
13  Honky Tonk Rag
14  Sentimental Song
15  Around the Corner Rag
16  Railroad Rag
Dreams and Visions (Betty Beath) (17-22)
17  Prelude to Dreams
18   Birds the Colour of the Moon
19  The She-Wolf
20  Earth Spirit
21  Towards Dawn
22  Day Dream
Sudden Gleams (Ann Ghandar) (23-26)
23  Sudden Gleams of Sunlight
24  Float in the Dusk
25  Falling
26  On Scattered Trees
27  Colours of the Sea (Elena Kats-Chernin)
28  Half Moonn Prelude (Elena Kats-Chernin)