Sacred Prelude, Op.15a

By Jonathan David Little

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Stile Antico,  for string orchestra.

A natural rubato is felt throughout this haunting, single-movement work for string orchestra. The sound is reminiscent of that of ancient church music. Written in the stile antico, it opens with a “Plainsong”, then comes the main central “Anthem”. There is a brief reprise of the opening theme, before the work closes with a more emphatic “Fantasia” (where the sense of rubato becomes almost improvisatory). The work, as a whole, may be said to comprise a poignant “prayer” for strings. c.11'00

Arranged by Anthony Weeden in collaboration with the composer.

Opus 15a is a simplified version of Opus 15, more suited to AMATEUR STRING ORCHESTRAS, and/or where rehearsal time is very limited.
(The key signature is made more straightforward in this version, and various ossia and doubling options are also made available.)

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 ISMN 9790720209272

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