Shadows and Silhouettes

By Antonietta Loffredo

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New piano compositions celebrating a Chinese-Western confluence played by Antonietta Loffredo.
A University of Western Sydney project this interesting CD is the third by Antoinetta in a collaboration with the composers who have been encouraged to write new pieces for this project.  It consists of piano pieces which draw on such influences as Chinese bird song; stylistic characteristics of Chinese instruments on an Australian folk tune; impressions of Shanghai; a phrase from Yijing (l-ching); terracotta figures of a travelling orchestra on horseback; a Chinese nursery rhyme; the concept of Qi; a Hong Kong market early in the morning; a poem by Chinese poet Po Chu (772-846); the musics of the three cultures of Malaysia; and from a Chinese perspective, winter days and a funeral in Australia.  Scores by the Wirripang composers-  Diana Blom, Bruce Crossman and John Peterson are available online.

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1  The Travelling Chinese Orchestra  (Diana Blom)
2  Birds Calling in Cloud Valley (Michael Hanan)
3  Regaslendro (Valerie Ross) 
4  Market Gardens and Musicians (Ann Boyd)
A flower and not a flower (P'u - Hua Fei Hua) - Tre contrapunti (Massimo Priori) [5-7]
5  i  6  ii   7  iii
8  Three Variations on Waltzing Matilda  (Julian Yu)
9  Winter days (Phoon Yew Tien)
10 A Funeral  (Phoon Yew Tien)
11 Qi Colour from Hidden Resonances (Bruce Crossman)
12 Lakes resting one on the other (Francesco Schweizer)
13  Moon Rhyme (Caroline Szeto)
14  Impressions of Shanghai (John Peterson)