Studies for Low Horn

By Graeme Denniss

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Studies for low horn

Grade 7 AMEB Orchestral Brass: Horn. List A
No 15 Medium Swing
No 18 Allegretto
No 22 Allegretto scherzando

The low register is an area commonly neglected by students of the French Horn, yet when they come to play in a band, orchestra or ensemble, they find that the low notes are often required, as they are in the advanced solo repertoire.

Work on the low register will help the student gain a richer and fuller sound, due to the greater relaxation of the embouchure needed to produce steady in-tune notes.  The tone across the whole range should improve as a result of mastering the low register.

Some of the studies address the issue of moving quickly between registers, a technique required by Second Horn players in works of the Classical period, while others focus on playing the F sharp below middle C, a challenge for players who mainly use the B flat side, as it should be played on the F side for good intonation.

    Composed 2021

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